Global Digital RACE was a 3-day virtual challenge-based learning programme across the raw materials value chain that united sustainability pioneers to connect, learn and innovate for the pressing raw materials challenges for Future Mobility

During RACE 2020, you had the unique opportunity to:

  • Work and receive insights from the world’s leading experts from industry, academia and policy.
  • Experience the raw materials challenges and opportunities in Future Mobility at global partners across the entire value chain
  • Deepen your understanding of the circular economy and pressing raw materials challenges to make transportation sustainable
  • Meet and exchange ideas with international peers
  • Develop and pitch solutions to Future Mobility challenges in diverse and interdisciplinary teams

RACE took participants across the entire value chain, including:

LEG 1 Exploration & Mining

What does the mine of the future look like? Learn how the mining industry is preparing to respond to the transport revolution that's underway and extract raw materials from the earth in sustainable ways.

LEG 2 Development Stage

Learn more about how manufacturers pursue a sustainable strategy to develop and manufacture their products.

LEG 3 Use phase & Start ups

Investigate the new ways to optimise flows of people, goods and energy in urban areas. Learn more about disruptive technology by having the chance to hear from some exciting entrepreneurs and start-ups.

LEG 4 Closing the Loops

Explore ways of recovering precious materials and integrating them back into the circular model

The Challenges

After a week of Hackathon, 14 idea concepts were submitted, from which RACE Jury selected the top 9 ideas. Top 9 teams had the chance to undergo professional Pitch Coaching after which they pitched their solutions in front of the RACE Jury on 25 November 2020.


It is our pleasure to announce that the following three teams were awarded as the best RACE solutions:

1st place went to impactPCB (Atlantic Copper Challenge): Team members: Artur Sagarov (Chalmers University of Technology), Bermet Kerim Kyzy (SUMA, University of Trento), Devy Kartika Ratnasari (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Rasmus Blom (Chalmers University of Technology), Tim Meijer (EMC, TU Delft/RWTH Aachen/Aalto University)

2nd place went to Northern Lights (Northvolt & Skellefta Kommun Challenge): Team members: Marisi Fernández Calderón (Chalmers University of Technology), Vasileios Drogkoulas (Chalmers University of Technology)

3rd place was awarded to eSWAP (AUDI AG Challenge): Team members: Franz Hüls (RWTH Aachen University), Paola Beltran (AMIR, NOVA University of Lisboa), Saumya Sadanand (AMIS), Wei-Qing Tan (AMIR, NOVA University of Lisboa), Willem Baartman (Láidir. Circular Mobility)

*Students from the EIT-Labelled programmes

The full list of RACE 2020 Challenges is presented below.

RACE 2020 Featured Speakers

RACE 2020 Partners