Facilitator Application 2020


It has been the question on our minds for quite some time now, in light of the Covid-19, can we go ahead with our planned RACE 2020?  The RACE Project Management Team has been closely monitoring the situation over the last few weeks and we have concluded that, with great sadness, the planned physical RACE 2020 unfortunately could not go ahead this year. The decision was not easy to make but in light of the current circumstances, we feel like it is the safest thing to do, as public health must come first. We at EIT RawMaterials Academy, strongly believe that RACE is a great opportunity for connecting students and industry, boosting entrepreneurial and innovation skills, providing the platform for master students to curate and create sustainable “Raw Materials for Future Mobility” solutions to industrial and societal challenges 

To ensure the continuity of the successful RACE 2019 and enable the platform of innovative ideas exchange, we hereby confirm the following two things: 

  1. The RACE will be organized in 2021! Fill in the form below to register your interest in RACE 2021, in order to be informed personally by the RawMaterials Academy when the Call for RACE 2021 Applications is launched next spring 2021
  2. Although RACE 2020 will not take place as originally planned, a RACE event will happen. And we are taking it digital and to all 6 continents! Fill in the form below to stay tuned & to find out how you can participate and get involved in the Global Digital RACE 2020.

We are really excited, strongly committed and working hard on providing you the new way to connect, network and innovate under the RACE programme. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have submitted my application as a Student/Facilitator for RACE 2020. What will happen next?

We are extremely thankful for your interest in joining RACE 2020. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we will not proceed further with your application. 

Your application data (including your CV and motivational letter) will be deleted from our servers. You also have the right to opt-out from any further communication.

I have submitted my application as a Student/Facilitator for RACE 2020. Can I join RACE 2021?

Yes! You are welcome to join RACE 2021 if you meet the eligibility criteria. The call for application for RACE 2021 will be launched in February/March 2021. Follow EIT RawMaterials Academy social media accounts and sign up for our newsletter above to stay tuned about the next opportunities!

When will the Global Digital RACE 2020 take place and who can participate?

We are currently working as speedily as possible to provide the information on the new opportunity. Please bear with us and sign up in the form above to stay updated about the upcoming opportunity.